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Data for MT
For customers that don’t have enough data for building a MT system, we can draw from our rich resources to boost a system’s capabilities. Tilde Data Library includes 18.29 billion parallel sentences and 33.52 billion monolingual sentences in over 172 languages. Represented domains include pharmaceutical, IT, legal, and finance.


Total Free
Number of languages 172 114
Number of corpora 2828 172
Sentence pairs in parallel corpora 18286 M 3801 M
Sentences in monolingual corpora 33515 M 5246 M
Number of trained systems 1790 5


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Data is represented in million (M) or thousand (k) of sentences per language or language pair.

Mono en de fr ru es lv fi ro it lt nl pl pt da sv et cs hu
en 5318.8M 363.9M 380.9M 221.1M 331.7M 235.5M 177.1M 152.7M 202.1M 113.8M 203.9M 225M 185.1M 172.4M 146.1M 225.7M 91.8M 146.8M
de 1833.1M 363.9M 123M 15.1M 113.7M 54M 83.6M 47.4M 104.4M 68M 96.9M 75.3M 75.3M 71.7M 74.8M 62.7M 69.6M 55.8M
fr 1632.3M 380.9M 123M 24.9M 134.4M 55.9M 83.9M 45.9M 93.7M 56.7M 85.5M 60M 78.8M 67.1M 71.9M 49.1M 53.7M 57.3M
ru 1600.6M 221.1M 15.1M 24.9M 23.6M 22.2M 34M 5.8M 13.2M 20.4M 10.3M 9.7M 9M 7.1M 7.9M 21.1M 10.4M 8.4M
es 1474.4M 331.7M 113.7M 134.4M 23.6M 50.2M 89.1M 48.3M 79.2M 49M 71.3M 55.2M 73.6M 67M 66.2M 51.2M 54.4M 53.1M
lv 1413.2M 235.5M 54M 55.9M 22.2M 50.2M 48.1M 41.6M 50.5M 51.9M 48.9M 53.3M 48.5M 49.1M 49.3M 54.2M 49.9M 49.2M
fi 1300.2M 177.1M 83.6M 83.9M 34M 89.1M 48.1M 40.4M 81.2M 47.7M 83.3M 71.3M 81.7M 60.6M 86.9M 58.7M 49.3M 50M
ro 1256.3M 152.7M 47.4M 45.9M 5.8M 48.3M 41.6M 40.4M 43.5M 40M 41.5M 42.2M 41.5M 40.7M 40.2M 40.3M 38M 41.7M
it 1220.6M 202.1M 104.4M 93.7M 13.2M 79.2M 50.5M 81.2M 43.5M 49.3M 72.9M 55.3M 71.8M 67.8M 66.5M 49.7M 53M 51.8M
lt 1165.1M 113.8M 68M 56.7M 20.4M 49M 51.9M 47.7M 40M 49.3M 43.6M 65.5M 46.9M 47.6M 46.7M 51.2M 49.2M 49.1M
nl 1155.8M 203.9M 96.9M 85.5M 10.3M 71.3M 48.9M 83.3M 41.5M 72.9M 43.6M 52.6M 66.7M 67.2M 63.4M 48.5M 50.5M 49.6M
pl 1123.1M 225M 75.3M 60M 9.7M 55.2M 53.3M 71.3M 42.2M 55.3M 65.5M 52.6M 50.5M 50M 50.1M 52.3M 52.1M 51.2M
pt 1097.6M 185.1M 75.3M 78.8M 9M 73.6M 48.5M 81.7M 41.5M 71.8M 46.9M 66.7M 50.5M 66.3M 61.5M 47.9M 50.5M 50.1M
da 1072.4M 172.4M 71.7M 67.1M 7.1M 67M 49.1M 60.6M 40.7M 67.8M 47.6M 67.2M 50M 66.3M 64M 48.3M 50.5M 49M
sv 1047.2M 146.1M 74.8M 71.9M 7.9M 66.2M 49.3M 86.9M 40.2M 66.5M 46.7M 63.4M 50.1M 61.5M 64M 49.5M 50.3M 48.9M
et 1046.5M 225.7M 62.7M 49.1M 21.1M 51.2M 54.2M 58.7M 40.3M 49.7M 51.2M 48.5M 52.3M 47.9M 48.3M 49.5M 50.1M 49.3M
cs 930.1M 91.8M 69.6M 53.7M 10.4M 54.4M 49.9M 49.3M 38M 53M 49.2M 50.5M 52.1M 50.5M 50.5M 50.3M 50.1M 51.4M
hu 894.9M 146.8M 55.8M 57.3M 8.4M 53.1M 49.2M 50M 41.7M 51.8M 49.1M 49.6M 51.2M 50.1M 49M 48.9M 49.3M 51.4M